Grand Commander’s visit to the Lazarus House for Children and Seniors Day Care

The Order’s Grand Commander recently visited the St. Lazarus House in Bergheim and the new Lazarus Children and Day Care Center, accepting an invitation from the HGP-EU’s Grand Prior.

The Humanitarian Grand Priory in the European Union’s (GP-EU) represented by its Grand Prior, the Chev. Klaus-Peter Pokolm togehter with Chev. Bernd Hinz KCLJ recently hosted a visit by the Grand Commander of the Order, the Chev. Dr. Ron Hendricks.

The GPEU and its charitable arm – Lazarus-Hilfswerk (LHW), the renown Lazarus charity hosted the visit on occasion of a conference with members of the Chapter held at the LAZARUS House located in Bergheim.

Previously Diana Augusto, Director of the St. Lazarus Houses Berheim explained to Grand Commander and persented the St Lazarus residentioal care home for the eldery with its concept

Mrs.Stefanie Hausen Care Manger accompanied Dr. Hendriks during the tour, who was especially pleased with the presentations as he had been concerned for many years as Director iwith all details of the Dutch health insurance program. He had served in Netherlands in his responsibilty just during a period of rapid growth in demand for nursing home care in his country. Equipped with this relevant knowledge, Chev. Hendriks was very interested and able to share his expertise, experiences and possible ideas in detials for future implementation.

Children are our future
Before Dr. Hendriks discussed international affiars of the Order with the present members of the Board of the Chapter, he concluded his meeting with the LHW-managing director of Germany’s Lazarus Facilities, Mrs. Diana Augusto.

Coordination had been ongoing for weeks prior to opening the new Lazarus Daycare Center for children and seniors. The Chapter’s delegation was warmly received by the Educational Direktor Wiebke Diewald, head of this new facility. She explained the operational and pedaggic concept, emphasizing the beneficial idea of mutual cooperation between senior citizens and children.

The Day Care Center’s intergenerational goals include:
• bring together of the different generations – the children and the seniors
• promote common coexistence and a better understanding of each other’s generation
• find opportunities for mutual learning from each other
• share their unique experiences from daily life

The Lazarus – Child day care centers (KiTa) are both an educational and child care facility at the same time. To this end, a team of educators, social workers, nursing and housekeeping staff work together throughout the New Lazarus House, delivering and blending services for young and old together through their everyday lives.

According to the Center’s mission statement, it is the intention that the Center and its services are open to all families and genders – with or without an immigrant background – and with or without disabilities; and, of whatever spiritual denomination. This hearkens back to the Order’s tradition that spans more than a millennia: its hospitals have always been open to all in need, without question or test, and regardless of personal resources.

All talents or special needs of the children are recognized, respected and supported by a multi-skilled team of educational, social, and medical professionals.

The LHW educational and child care concept is based on a needs-specific approach tailored to the individual. On the one hand, the lives of children and their families are considered; on the other hand, the holistic development of motor skills, perception and interaction skills are encouraged to improve the ego, life and social skills of children. In this rich environment, seniors can play a special role as mentors and life-skill coaches.

Cordial thanks
Grand Prior Pokolm, who has led the Lazarus-Hilfswerk for three decades and served as co-founder of the LHW, gave special thanks and acknowledgement to Mrs. Diana Augusto for heroutstanding work, development of the dignified Lazarus ideals and service. Togehter with Prior Bernd Hinz Pokolm wished the Lazarus-team continued success.

In his closing remarks, he pointed out that Lazarus has also recently opened another daycare center, located in a former convent of the Augustinian nuns, in Bornheim near Bonn. We will report on this exciting new development later. Grand Prior Polkolm concluded: ” The Order is proud of the development of our youngest branch. Congratulations! Furthermore, continue to find joy in your many good works.